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Current Undergraduate Students:


·         Undergraduate Instructional Lab

·         If you liked your EngMechs courses you should seriously consider ENGM 499: Honors Thesis

·         For more information on current faculty interests visit the faculty pages


Prospective Graduate Students:   


·         M.S. in EngMech

·         Ph.D. in EngMech

·         Financial Support

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Course Notes:

Mathematics needed for Mechanics

Engineering Statics (EngM 223)     

Mechanics of Elastic Bodies (EngM 325)


Engineering Dynamics (EngM 373)

Mechanics Readiness Program (MRP)

Are you ready for Statics (UNL-EngM 220, 223, and 250)? The Mechanics Readiness Program (MRP) has been developed to help you RAPIDLY review the subjects (primarily mathematics) you will need to know to succeed in Statics. Click on the text below to start you on your way.

Go to the MRP on the Education System:  Education System (Only use Microsoft Internet Explorer)

If you are interested in knowing more about the results of the Mechanics Readiness Program read the Summary Progress Report on the Mechanics Readiness Program (PDF).

Statics Review Program (SRP)

Go to the SRP on the Education System:  Education System (Only use Microsoft Internet Explorer)

Mechanics Pages:

See how students can make a difference by bringing Mechanics into focus.

Mechanics Pages Prepared by Students

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