Beam Analysis

This web page will discuss the effects of stess on a simply supported beam. In this example we will be using a W 16 X 100 beam, which is 30 feet or 360 inches long. The beam and its cross-section are shown below in true dimensions. This was done by building a life size three dimensional model in solid works.

Depth = 16.97in
Web Thickness = .585in
Flange Width = 10.425in
Flange Thickness = .985in
Weight per foot = 100 lb/ft
Cross-Sectional Area = 29.4in^2

The beam is loaded with and even stress of .789948 psi due to it's weight as shown below.

Now let take a look at what our shear and bending moment diagrams would look like.

The following equations where used describe the deflection, slope of the deflection,and angles of rotation of the beam due to the loading.

To get an indepth visual of how these loads affected this beam click on the link below:

Beam Deflection and Analysis Results

To view an awsome animation of the these equations at work click on the link below and unzip a video clip showing the effects due to the given load. The video was created by a combination of Solid Works and COSMOSXpress, and it shows you a color coded stress analization of the beam due to bending. Unfortunately you must unzip the file after downloading it, it was the only way I could fit the file on this page. Enjoy!

Stress Video Clip

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