Bonus Projects

You can get 0-5% bonus points by doing a project. The actual grade you get on the project will depend on thing like:

    1. How closely related is your project to the course content.
    2. How much effort you put into completing the project.
    3. How creative you were in using the course content.
    4. What critical thinking and problem solving skills you utilized.
    5. How well is your project report prepared.

Some suggested projects are

    1. Create a web page that takes one or more of the subjects in the course, describes them, and relates them to practical problems (see Don Luebbe's page on friction).
    2. Take a problem from "real life" and analyze and maybe improve it.
    3. Look at the history of how a product has improved and explore the role of mechanics of materials in its evolution.
    4. Select an advanced area of Mechanics of Materials and describe it.


Due date: Monday, April 27