EngrM 325 - Mechanics of Elastic Bodies - Spring 2004

(Section 002)

Dr. Mehrdad Negahban

W311 Nebraska Hall

Phone: 472-2397 

E-mail: mnegahban@unl.edu

Home page for the class: HTTP://em-ntserver.UNL.EDU


Office Hours: MW 11:30-1:00 p.m., or when available (Tutors are available in room 308 WSEC)


Book: Mechanics of Materials by Gere, Sixth Edition, Brooks/Cole-Thomson Learning


Final class grade will be based on:


Participation (Quizzes, etc.)        10%

2          Hour Exams      (20% each)       40%

1          Final                                         30%  

            Homework                                20%

            Bonus Project (Optional)            5%


            Total                                         105% (or more!)


Grading policy: 


·         The following straight scale will be used:













































·         Only neatly written problems will be graded

·         A correct answer without a correct outline of the work will not carry any grade

·         All incorrect work must be clearly crossed out on the page

·         In cases where more than one solution is presented for a problem, the solution with the most errors will be graded

·         Each solution must have proper units

·         Makeups will be given only under extreme circumstances. It is expected that the student will contact the instructor sufficiently in advance of an exam or have sufficient reason that they could not do so.




·         Will cover theoretical aspects (definitions and derivations) and problem solving skills

·         Will be closed book, closed notes, with no crib sheet

·         No makeup quizzes

·         May or may not be announced, may or may not be in class




Hour exams:


·         Will be announced one week before the exam

·        Will contain three or four problems: One problem will be from the homework

·        Will be closed book and closed notes

·         I will provide a sheet containing the main equations




·         Will contain four to eight problems

·         Will be comprehensive

·        Will be closed book and closed notes

·        I will provide a sheet containing the main equations




·         Problems are due the Wednesday of the week after they are assigned

·         Problems will be graded only if they are written neatly

·         Cooperation on understanding and doing the homework is allowed, but the final presentation must be your own (no copying of homework)

·        No late homework! There will be a “No Questions Asked/No Excuses Needed” policy of dropping your lowest homework grade


Preparation and Responsibilities:


·         You are responsible for all sections in the book written on the outline of the course (even if not covered in class)

·         You are responsible for the material presented in class (even if not in the book)

·         Please look over the sections that will be covered in class before coming to class

·         Please read both the book and the class notes before coming to office hours

·         Please make an honest attempt at solving the problems before coming to office hours




·         Statics (EngrM 223): Force Systems, Static Equilibrium, Friction, Center of Gravity, Moment of Inertia, Vector Algebra

·          Analytic Geometry and Calculus III (Math 208): Functions of Several Variables, Partial Differentiation, Maximum-Minimum, Lagrangian Multipliers, Multiple Integration, Sequences, Infinite Series, Vector Fields, Path Integrals, Green's Theorem

·         Analytical Geometry and Calculus I and II (Math 106 and 107): Limits, Differentiation, Related Rates, Integration, Exponentials, Trigonometric, Analytic Geometry and Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Polar Coordinates, Parametric Equations, Quadratic Surfaces


Statement on Academic Dishonesty: Cheating on exams and plagiarism in the preparation of homework will be considered unacceptable conduct. Academic sanctions will be taken against all parties involved in the act of cheating and/or plagiarism. A student participating in the act of cheating and/or plagiarism for the second time will receive a failing grade in this class. Consult the Student Code of Conduct section in the Undergraduate Bulletin for more details.


Statement on Disruptive Conduct: I would appreciate it if all students would be considerate of the learning mission of the class and to refrain from activity which is disruptive.